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Welcome to the Lotus Oil Lubricants, a company established to fulfill increasing needs of lubricating products in and around Sultanate of Oman & neighbor countries.
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Lotus Oil

Lotus Oil Lubricants produces a range of superior quality, high-performance lubricants. Our lubricants utilize the most advanced formulations and state of the art technology; the products are fully tried, tested and proven both in laboratory and field.

Our Mission

Offering the best product to our customers with high quality, in a safe and healthy environment that ensures the safety of our employees and shareholders with the latest technologies and modern standards to cover the local and overseas market and open up new horizons for Omani youth to contribute to our country’s economy.

Our Vision

To be the most famous factory among the more advance factories by technological and administrative progress and to achieve regional and global leadership and become branches in the Sultanate and abroad.




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Product Quality

We, at Lotus Oil Lubricants, are fully committed towards product quality, the high quality is determined by several factors:

First, the testing and research that go into the development of a new product; second, the care observed during the manufacturing process; and third, the laboratory checks made on all the products before they leave the blending plant. In addition, strict quality controls are applied to all packages, drums and containers to ensure highest standards.

The process ensures conformity and consistency of performance of Lotus lubricants wherever they may be bought and used around the world.

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Quality Control & Laboratory

All raw materials, Intermediate products and finished products are carefully tested in our well-equipped sophisticated laboratory. Our lab is equipped with fully automatic ultramodern instruments in order to provide consistent quality of products.




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Production Plant

Lotus Oil Lubricants has set up a modern manufacturing plant at Al Buraimi Industrial Area, S. of Oman where infrastructure is well developed by the government.

Plant Consists of base oil storage tanks for different grades of base oils, covered shed for additive storages, fully automatic thermic fluid heater, steel blenders with heating and stirring arrangement for making different grades of lubricants, Finished oil storage tanks, fully and semi-automatic filling, Inclined ramp for safe and smooth loading of products in containers, and packaging lines. Enough covered space for storage of finished products is available for safe storage.

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